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Michelle Obama Beyonce Formation

Michelle Obama Celebrates Beyonce’s Birthday In a Startling Outfit

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 Michelle Obama and Beyonce have been friends for a long time. Remember when Beyonce Performed at Michelle’s husband’s first inauguration? With that in mind, what do you give a friend that has everything for a birthday present? This year September 4th was Labor Day, it was also Queen Bees 36th birthday. Happy Birthday, Beyonce.

This year Michelle paid homage to her friend Beyonce’s 36th birthday by becoming Beyonce. Let me explain; yesterday found several people celebrating more on Labor Day than just Labor Day.

Check it out as Michelle Obama, Blue Ivy, Serena, Tina Lawson & More Transform Into Beyoncé For The Queen’s Birthday


Queen Bees Birthday

Follow the Tweet below to discover more about Michelle Obama, Beyonce and the birthday celebration that’s breaking the internet.

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