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The Last Black Man in San Francisco; It Can Happen Anywhere

I woke up at 4:00 am this morning and eyeballed my Feedly feed. I was enjoying the time off from my day job when I ran across an article that summoned my undivided attention. The Last Back Man in San Francisco. What could this be about? In today's America, anything can and will happen. 

This is a tale of gentrification gone berserk. Recently, gentrification has been a Hot Topic and... 

I clearly see it happening right in front of my eyes everyday here in Los Angeles. Matter of fact, there's a unofficial trailer park on a wide street near my job. No kidding, there are several brokedown motor-homes and trailers in the area because people ca no longer find affordable housing.

 The Rams/Chargers football stadium that's under construction in Inglewood is already causing a significant price spike fo property prices surrounding the stadium. Then there is SpaceX, it's not far away and it's also contributing to gentrifying the area.

In San Francisco gentrification has reached a level rarely seen anywhere else.  The tech boom has caused housing prices to Skyrocket. Long time working people can no longer afford to live in San Francisco. The tech industry and folks working in the industry have brought bags and bags of money into Silicon Valley, and the surrounding area. This is making  it impossible for long-time Hispanic and African-American families to afford to live there anymore.

The City is drowning in millionaires, companies like Lyft, Uber and Pinterest have forever changed the complexion of the place. The urban displacement project found approximately 30% of low-income people of color have moved out of the Bay Area since 2015

The Last Back Man in San Francisco

This is a Touching story about one young man's experience with being priced out of the home he grew up in.  The movie is not trying to tell us how to solve this problem. Rather it's a birds-eye view of how this phenomenon affects real people. The movie also shows a different side of young black men. The main character and his best friend are young, black and they're not rough-necks, thugs or some other negative stereotype.  They also care deeply about each other and are best friends. The story of the last black man in San Francisco is a story of one man's experience with the urban monster Gentrification.

Jimmie Fails

 Jimmie Fails dreams of reclaiming the Victorian home his grandfather built in the heart of San Francisco. Joined on his quest by his best friend Mont, Jimmie searches for belonging in a rapidly changing city that seems to have left them behind. As he struggles to reconnect with his family and reconstruct the community he longs for, his hopes blind him to the reality of his situation

The more I learn about this movie the more I can picture this  happening anywhere. Reading about the movie brought back memories of my own childhood growing up in Kansas City. I did a quick search on and what I found out shook me. The house where I grew up has increased in value by $20,000 since I last checked. Not long ago I read an article about gentrification in Kansas City and it's happening everywhere.

Stop the Denverization of Kansas City. Troost doesn’t need to be hipster-friendly

Life's been intense lately. Expect to hear more from me here and my sites brother site

Enjoy your weekend and go see The Last Black Man in San Francisco in a theater near you. I plan to.

Let me know what you think of the movie. See you later.

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