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What Makes America Great Now

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What makes America Great

What makes America great now? Our great country’s current political climate is putting all our differences on display for the whole world, and that’s a good thing. Think about it, even if our present day government can’t succeed in building a “solar wall” on our southern border, it’s becoming quite successful at getting people to put up walls around themselves and their tribes (not a good thing).

True Greatness

Considering the question,  what on God’s green earth could possibly make America or any other nation truly great? I thought of one universal truth, we’re all in this together; and whether we know it or not, that’s still a fact. Next, I saw  a photo that screamed

The Same Creator Made Us All.”

The picture, candidly taken a few days ago by Rachel MacKnight on the New York City’s C Train subway speaks volumes. Two families who appear to be from different backgrounds are happily smiling at each other as the train barrels down the tracks. Pictures like this one show what makes America great now in spite of our problems.